Take Your Dino To Work Day(s)

Hi Mikey!

Things in Vienna are still good. Today and yesterday I have been a career dinosaur. I got up early in the morning, drank some more of that coffee stuff (It’s still yucky) and then went out and about.


I had grapes for brekkie. Dino’s gotta be healthy.


This was a more dino-friendly drinking option but I think I’m going to stick with dinotea.


Waiting for the bus!


I even got my very own seat.

I went with Shelly to where she works. I waited on the bench beside her and when we got in the bus, I got to sit in my own seat.

20140325_165505 20140325_172253

I stayed in Shelly’s bag and napped while she was working, but she brought me out for lunch.

After work we had to go grocery shopping. We went to Merkur which is a HUGE place with lots of places to hide, so naturally I decided to run off to play hide and seek. First I hid inside an Easter ornament..

Took her ages to find me in here.

Took her ages to find me in here.



Then when we went to buy vegetables I disappeared again. Shelly wasn’t so enthusiastic this time. She said I had to stay near her and stop running off because someone might mistake me for a turnip and try to buy me. I got annoyed right back and called her the turnip head. Things got a bit heated. We made friends again shortly thereafter though.


Our walk home was lovely and we stopped to look at some trains out the back of Shelly’s building.


I decided to be a helpful dinosaur and check the mail for Shelly.


And then I sliced the bread! I was knackered after this one and wanted to go to bed but we went out to town.


Plenty of room for a dino on the tram at night!


When we got home I was really tuckered out and I snuggled in with Puffalump. Puffalump is even wiser than Yoda.

This morning I got up early again. No coffee this time, I’m not making that mistake again. Today was an extreme sports day! I got to ride the handlebars to Igor’s office.

20140323_194625 20140323_090936 IMG-20140326-WA0008 20140324_055603

I even helped to park the bike and lock it. I am getting to be a real profi with all of this human stuff. Perhaps when I get back to Ireland I can get wellies like yours and help you and ganga doing the gardening.

I got to meet Igor's colleagues

I got to meet Igor’s colleagues


We had a very serious meeting


..and followed it up with some serious cake.

I am going to sign off for now and help Shelly make some banana bread!

Spotty bananas!

Your buddy,



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